Pediatric Dentistry

Let our dental family take care of your family!

At Boundary Dental Clinic we provide all areas of dentistry for all ages. We strive to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed in our office. With children we give them the extra attention they need to make their experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Your child’s oral health is directly related to their overall health.  It is recommended for children to see a dentist within the first 6 months of their first tooth erupting. During these appointments we are able to identify any signs of decay or concerns with their teeth before they get worse. We also provide information to the parents on how to help maintain their children’s dental health at home. We believe that early and regular dental visits make the dental environment a more familiar place. By fostering fun and relaxing experiences, our goal is to have children feel safe should they ever require dental treatment. As your child continues to grow we will assess their need for orthodontic treatment (braces) by evaluating their growth, tooth size and spacing.

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Dental Exam

At Boundary Dental Clinic we believe preventative care is the key to maintain your oral health. In addition to brushing and flossing, the best form of preventive dentistry is to attend your 6 month exams and cleanings.  It is through this consistency that we can identify any unusual changes that can occur in your teeth and soft tissues of the mouth.  A comprehensive dental exam is critical to your ongoing dental health and can only be performed by your dentist. At your initial dental appointment we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early and plan to spend 60-90 minutes in our office. Your first appointment will include a comprehensive oral exam, cleaning, as well as x-rays to help assess your oral health.

A dental exam can catch problems before you see or feel them. Identifying problems early makes them generally easier and less expensive to treat.

 Your dentist will be looking for:

  • Tooth decay (cavities) and damage.
  • Periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Signs of oral cancer.
  • Condition of previous dental work.
  • General health of your face, mouth and jaw.

Dental Cleaning

The primary function of a dental cleaning appointment is to remove harmful bacteria that cause cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Regular dental cleanings are the cornerstone for a lifetime of dental health.

Your cleaning appointment will include a dental exam and the following:

  • Removal of tartar and plaque that forms on the teeth causing tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  • Polishing to remove superficial stains

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One type of preventative treatment to cavities is the placement of dental sealants. Sealants are a thin coating that is applied to the grooves (pits and fissures) on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Tooth decay occurs on these surfaces because brushing cannot always get into all of the nooks and crannies. Sealants act as a protective barrier for teeth by keeping germs and food particles out of these grooves.The likelihood of developing pit and fissure decay begins early in life, so children and teenagers are obvious candidates. However, adults can benefit from sealants as well. 

Fluoride Treatments

Another form of prevention for tooth decay is the use of topical fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that exists naturally in soil, water and various foods. Fluoride works by strengthening the tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria. Everyone ingests the mineral to some extent on a daily basis. In addition, approximately 40% of Canadians receive fluoride in their community water supply. However, the lower mainland municipalities do not fluoridate their water.

Although most people receive fluoride from food and water, sometimes it is not enough to help prevent decay.  Your dentist or dental hygienist may recommend the use of topical home and/or professional fluoride treatments for the following reasons:

  • Deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth.
  • Exposed and sensitive root surfaces.
  • Poor oral hygiene habits.
  • Poor saliva flow due to medical treatments, conditions or medications.
  • A history of dental decay.

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Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a tooth-coloured restorative material used to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. The affected portion of the tooth is removed and then filled with the composite filling. It is then cured with a visible blue light which causes it to harden almost instantly.

Composite resin dental fillings are strong, durable, and make for a very natural looking smile. Your dentist or dental hygienist may recommend composite resin dental fillings for the following reasons:

  • To restore chipped or worn teeth
  • To close a space between two teeth
  • To repair cracked or broken teeth
  • To repair damage caused by tooth decay

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Tooth Extractions/Wisdom Teeth

Unfortunately sometimes a tooth needs to be removed, or extracted, from the mouth. There are many reasons why a tooth will be extracted but in general it is due to a large infection in or around the tooth or because it is no longer functional.  These scenarios arise from gum disease, cavities or fractured teeth. 

Most people will develop wisdom teeth later in life, usually around 18 years old, and it is important to assess whether the patient has room for them. If a patient has trouble keeping their wisdom teeth clean or they do not have enough room in their mouth for the teeth to fully erupt, then extractions are often warranted. We encourage the assessment of wisdom teeth as soon as they are present as their removal is easier on patients when they are young.

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Invisalign (clear braces)

Improving your smile is possible at any age.

At Boundary Dental Clinic we provide Invisalign (clear braces) for teens and adults. Invisalign treatment is not just about straightening the teeth but it can also help improve your gum health and subsequently your overall oral health. As each patient has different needs we create a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific desires and requirements.  

Having an orthodontic assessment at any age allows the dentist to access whether there are any growth deficiencies of the upper and lower jaws, crowding or spacing issues and how best to address those discrepancies.

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